ITG® Protective Services
A Business Group Of ITG Consultants, INC.


Whether it's called executive protection, close protection, dignitary protection or protective security details - the purpose is to protect high-value people, places and things.


ITG® Protective Services is one of three business groups of ITG® Consultants, Inc. (ITG®), a veteran owned, international security services firm. The other two business groups, the International Training Group„?and ITG® Consulting Services, support ITG® Protective Services in all of its service offerings.

ITG® is unique in the private security industry. The International Training Group„?has trained hundreds of security specialists with a controlled, professional, defensive mind set in the fields of Executive/Dignitary Protection, Surveillance and Surveillance Detection, Security Operations in High Risk Environments, Security Leadership and Management, Force Protection, and other security specialties. These highly trained and knowledgeable alumni came to ITG®˜s training courses with varying degrees of experience from corporate, government, military, law enforcement, and private security backgrounds. Our greatest accomplishment is that we have trained all of these individuals in the same methodology and doctrine while simultaneously evaluating them under stressful conditions. This gave us the opportunity to assist these students in accentuating their strengths while teaching them to strengthen their weaknesses.

Having these alumni available to our Protective Services group gives ITG® the enviable capability to rapidly respond to our clients needs by fielding teams of security professionals ranging from one-person security escorts to multiple, large scale teams of consultants, protective agents, and instructors. We can do so in virtually any protection scenario, from the corporate board room to moderate/high/extreme risk operating environments, and all of our personnel perform according to the same protective doctrine. ITG® prides itself on setting the industry standard for Protective Services, whether we are protecting high-value people, places, or things.

Leveraging the ITG® Alumni Association to support our clients means that we are bringing the highest caliber security professionals to the table. All of these individuals are people who have invested in their own professional development and many of them have dedicated more than $10,000 of their hard earned funds to their own education in protective services. This provides a human resource pool that is unmatched in the private sector today. No other private security entity in the world today benefits from the ability to bring staff to their projects who have already completed between 120 and 216 hours of professional training dedicated specifically to the task of providing specialized security for individuals, corporations, and organizations.

The knowledge and experience level of ITG®™s security specialists is truly global and includes corporate security, executive / dignitary protection, special events security (including Olympic and other major event security), high-risk / high-value / high-profile asset protection, force protection, convoy security, and protection for entertainment & media personalities. Additionally, we can provide security management for organizations, facilities, assets, and projects in any of these areas. We have confidence in our ability to accomplish these core competency missions with the utmost professionalism.

In addition to the hundreds of ITG® alumni, the company™s leadership is comprised of highly skilled, internationally tested security professionals who have taken pride in their work for decades and proven themselves in a myriad of security settings. Because of the wealth of knowledge inherent in this leadership, we have the ability to manage projects and protect assets from the board room to the œsand box?and back. We never lose sight of who we are, what we do, or how we do it. ITG®™s core values are evident on our corporate seal. Not just words, however, Professionalism,Integrity,Dedication,and Teamwork, are also embodied in our work ethic.

Experience Matters

ITG® Protective Services?core operating staff has more than 100 years combined practical experience in conducting protective service missions around the world. These projects have been conducted across the threat spectrum for a wide range of protectees and organizations. Our leadership has demonstrated success in some of the most complex security environments of our time. Under intense media scrutiny, in politically sensitive environments, and while facing varying threat conditions we have been successful where others have not.

In our case this means more than 100 years of combined practical experience with no allegation of human rights abuse, no allegation of inappropriate use of force, thousands of miles of accident free motorcade operations, and no loss of accountability of assigned property. This all adds up to a record that is unmatched in the private sector today.

We recognize the serious nature of accepting responsibility for providing security and safeguarding someone else™s life, business, and / or assets. We do not take that responsibility lightly and when we accept it, we make a commitment to our clients to stand by them. No fair weather friends - we will use the training, education, and experience gained throughout our careers to resolve the security concern, mitigate its effects, and bring closure to the situation. Our core values are the hallmarks of our corporate character and we will remain dedicated to the task at hand for as long as it may take.

Understanding our profession, we also understand that facilitation means reduced exposure for our clients and a corresponding reduction in opportunity for criminal elements that we may be faced with. Facilitation plays a key role in our protective operations and we actively seek to take on the burden of planning, coordinating, and supervising all associated security functions for our clients. Serving as key advisors for their personal security concerns, we reduce their level of effort required to address those concerns and provide huge time management benefits for our clients. Both the reduction of effort and increase in available time have been universally appreciated by those we protect.

ITG® Protective Services pledges to bring this same level of service and commitment to all of our clients. We have the support and administrative structure necessary to ensure that we provide the total capability, attention to detail, audit trail, and accountability procedures necessary to provide headache free service and support for our clients on a global basis.

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