ITG® Protective Services
A Business Group Of ITG Consultants, INC.

Personal Protection of Executives, Dignitaries, Celebrities,
Media members, and other "At-Risk" personnel


ITG®'s protection agents have conducted real-world protective security missions for corporate executives at all levels of the corporate hierarchy in threat environments ranging from negligible to extreme risk. We have provided these specialized security services for some of the most recognizable corporate figures in the world including executives from corporations on the Fortune 500 list of wealthiest companies and individuals on the Forbes 400 list of wealthiest persons. But we have also provided Executive Protection for the leaders and representatives of much smaller corporations who travel to and work in dangerous environments.

ITG®'s core cadre of security agents has provided personal security for numerous dignitaries from both the U.S. Government and foreign governments as well. These Dignitary Protection assignments have included US Cabinet members, US Ambassadors abroad, US National Security Council members, and the highest ranking US Department of Defense civilian and military leadership. We have also protected several foreign heads of state as well as other high-ranking international dignitaries on projects ranging from the extremely long-term to the very short-term. Our protection specialists have operated in over 80 countries on 6 continents, and in environments ranging from five-star opulence to war-time field conditions.

ITG®'s protection personnel have provided security services to entertainment personalities from the motion picture, radio & television, fashion, sports, and music industries. These were not just “staff security” events, but rather close personal protection of these stars during their travels, scheduled appearances, performances, media engagements, and personal schedules. Our agents have successfully “blended in” on the most famous of red carpets and been welcomed as close confidants at personal events while never losing sight of their objectivity and dedication to the overall protection mission.

Although it might, at first glance, seem to be the same as celebrity protection, the protection of media members can be a very different prospect. This is true whether the media representatives are operating in major metropolitan areas, at global events, or in war zones. ITG® Protective Services personnel have built and maintained strong relationships with on camera personalities, reporters, production personnel, and media leaders by providing appropriate levels of protection in many types of environments. Whether these individuals are covering stories in areas of natural disaster or reporting on strife created by government, military, civilian, or criminal activities, we provide personal protection services for them. They have a job to do, reporting world events, and we ensure they are kept safe to do it.

ITG® recognizes that persons who do not fit neatly into any of the above categories may still be personally “at-risk” and in need of protection. These may be persons of notoriety, judges, public figures, or private citizens who have a sizable personal wealth. We conduct personal security services no differently for these protectees than for diplomats, executives, or celebrities. Our primary goal is to allow these individuals to live their lives as normally as possible, within the current threat environment, by not being overly intrusive yet keeping them fully safe and secure.

All of our protective services are conducted in accordance with U.S. Federal doctrine and industry best practices. Providing protective services that employ doctrine consistent with that used by US federal agencies worldwide translates directly into liability protection for our clients. There are a plethora of methodologies currently being used by various private sector service providers in the world today and some of them do not pass the common sense test when applied to their tactics, policies, or results. By ensuring that we only use generally accepted doctrine, legally acceptable use of force policies, and legally defensible procedures we ensure that our clients are protected from vicarious liability issues they might otherwise be exposed to.

No other private sector protective entity in the United States today provides the breadth, depth, and width of hard earned experience that our leadership and staff represent.

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