ITG® Protective Services
A Business Group Of ITG Consultants, INC.

Protection of High-Risk / High-Value / High-Profile Assets


ITG®'s High-Risk / High-Value / High-Profile Asset Protection program offers corporations, museums, government entities, and individuals unparalleled service in providing security for valuable property of all types.

Whether valuable assets are in static locations such as depots, airports, ports, warehouses, museums, or private collections - or in transit via air, land, or sea - protection of those assets is more vital than ever in today’s global business market. Theft, diversion, replacement with counterfeit material, and/or total destruction can create huge losses to both finances and reputation. This is true for the owners of the valuable assets themselves; the insurers of those assets; and the shippers, transporters, brokers, and receivers of the items.

Utilizing all of the principles, personnel, and skills outlined throughout this document, ITG® will provide security for your high-value assets such as jewelry, precious art, artifacts, automobiles, boats, commodities, and equipment whether during transit, at static locations, or both.

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