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Over the last sixteen years, the three seasoned security professionals who now make up the leadership of ITG® Consulting Services, Inc. (ITG®) have provided multiple types of Security and Protective Services in the Republic of Haiti. This includes service to the United States (US) Government, Government of the Republic of Haiti, Multi-National Corporations with interests in Haiti, and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) operating on Haitian soil.

In 1994, David L. Johnson, the President of ITG® was selected as the Protective Security Detail Leader and Project Manager for the first US State Department team of security professionals ever contracted and assigned to provide Protective Security Details to a foreign Head of State. In this capacity he was responsible to the US Government in general and the US State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security Services in particular, for all aspects of the protection of the President of the Republic of Haiti.

When the US Government decided to discontinue the contract under which this protection was provided to the Haitian President, the Republic of Haiti created its own contract for the ongoing protection of that office. Again, Mr. Johnson was called into service, this time as the Program Manager for the private US security company awarded that contract. He continued in that capacity for eight years. Since the inception of ITG® in 2006, he has borne the ultimate responsibility for the success of all ITG® efforts in Haiti.

Starting in 1998, Gale R. Ericksen, VP of ITG® Consulting Services, served as an Instructor for the Haitian Secret Service, as the Presidential Protective Security Detail Leader, and ultimately as the Project Manager working directly for Mr. Johnson on that contract. Over the past few years he has supported Protective Operations as well as executive level consulting projects for global philanthropic organizations, NGOs, and US based companies doing business in Haiti.

All of this adds up to the fact that ITG® is the Protective Security provider with the greatest amount of expertise in developing, leading, and maintaining effective Protective Security Operations in the Republic of Haiti. Not only our leaders, but many of our protective agents, instructors, and consultants have considerable experience in Haiti. This experience has not just come during times of stability, but through natural disasters, attempted coup d’état, and successful rebellion. This level of Haiti-specific expertise cannot be matched by any other protective services organization in the security industry today.

Furthermore, ITG® is not a Private Military Company (PMC). We provide only Protective Services, Training, and Consulting and never engage in offensive operations or actions of any type. Our company’s leaders and staff members are Protective Services Professionals and have served in defensive, protective security operations in all of the world’s “hot spots” over the last thirty years. This service has been successful in every measure of that word: zero Principals (protectees) lost, zero claims or complaints of humanitarian or civil rights violations, many thousands of miles of driving Principals without auto accident or injury in some of the most hazardous environments possible, and zero loss of client’s protected assets.

To contact us about Protective Services or any other related security matters in Haiti, please call 866.904.4484.

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