ITG® Protective Services
A Business Group Of ITG Consultants, INC.



ITG®'s staff of highly experienced senior security specialists understands that not all companies or organizations have the size or ability to oversee the implementation and day-to-day control of all their security needs. ITG® can provide your organization with qualified security management personnel to effectively design, develop, implement, and manage your company’s security program or any project within that program.

We will manage all aspects of your security program or project to include:

  • Development of policies, procedures, & emergency response plans
  • Management of contract security services
  • Scheduling of all security functions
  • Access control
  • Security systems management
  • Vetting and contract compliance of vendors
  • Background investigations of employees and contractors
  • Liaison with law enforcement and other government agencies
  • 24/7/365 monitoring of and response to all security issues

Our security managers work hand-in-hand with corporate leaders, risk managers, and other stakeholders to ensure effective management of the safety and security of your valued assets, personnel, and corporate bottom line. Their expertise includes crisis management and business continuity planning.

Telephone (866) 904-4ITG (4484) - Facsimile 888.830.8123